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Politischer Aschermittwoch


Today I’d like to write about something that is very typically (and only) German. Most of you might be familiar with the idea of Aschermittwoch (Ash Wednesday) in general, but the Political Ash Wednesday is something that only takes place in Germany (as far as my research showed).

So we established the date of the event: it’s the Wednesday after the crazy German carnival (even though massively celebrated only in some parts of Germany, quite overwhelming in the last days before Lent due to vast TV coverage). Place: well, it all started in Bavaria and still nowadays it is usually the venue of the biggest events.

Action! It’s all about politics as the name itself suggests. It’s a kind of a forum for German political parties to strengthen their own and worsen the position of their opponents in heated speeches and often very critical attacks.

Apart from the audience in the venues, politicians have the chance to reach many voters with the help of media coverage. In the recent years a protest culture has evolved on this day parallel to the official political party meetings there are many demonstrations and happenings organized throughout the country by activists and involving the “so-called” normal people.


  • Those of you who speak or are learning German may be familiar with the word satt as in 'Ich bin satt', meaning "I'm full as a bull/stuffed/about to pop". A word you may not be familiar with is sitt, which is satt's liquid equivalent, meaning one's thirst has been quenched. Makes sense to me! Hungrig - satt, durstig - sitt. Are you reading this, English language? los geht's!
  • Ever felt like the deliciousness of something could not be described by the word 'lecker'? Well, now there's an alternative from downunder which will really get the message across: "that was bloody lecker!" (and no, it doesn't mean covered in blood.) NB: Please do not take the offence. I only make the Spaß! los geht's!

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