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Ja, genau. (video)

Miss V adheres to the German ‘Genauigkeit’ (preciseness) by measuring the EXACT distance from her office to the U-Bahn.

When good Deutschlisch goes bad

Sometimes, I am glad that Deutschlisch exists. This is because I get to use the convenient and practical German phraseology (cool word, huh?), all from the comfort of speaking English. So I often ask if there is an ATM “in the near from here” (in der Nähe von), or if friends want to ‘make a […]

Prefixated: for my YouTube homies. (video)

[wp_youtube]Cj1D4one_B4[/wp_youtube] Aeric Winter’s original video is here. Aeric’s Prefixes: über – over unter – under ein – on aus – out auf – up ab – off mit – with (also, zu!) and Stems: machen — to do/make nehmen — to take geben — to give legen — to lie springen — to jump Viel […]

Schlumping around (video)

[wp_youtube]5WhqjPq_EAY[/wp_youtube] In case you’re not intimate with Hamburg public transport (and why wouldn’t you be!?), get schlumpified at: Schlump bei Wikipedia (auf Deutsch) Hamburg U-Bahn at Wikipedia(in English)

Pass auf, Englischers!


Deutschlisch is Miss V’s Great German-English Hybrid, used by those such as myself who have the English thing down, but the German sometimes just escapes. It officially means any English into which German words or phrasings creep, but sometimes can be applied to the haphazard mish-mash of German and English that Englischers such as myself use day-to-day.

Example from my good friend Herr Versteh-a-lot (while Schwarzfahring, actually!): “Is there a Typ steiging ein?” (Translation: “Is there a guy getting on?” – meaning of course a DeutscheBahn ticket inspector). Naughty!

The Schwarzfahrer (video)

Miss V gets rebellious on it by doing the Fahr-ing that is schwarz. Kids: don’t try this at home.

Bist du Silvester-Experte?

I guess anyone who had done a little background reading on New Year’s Eve might just ace the test. Maybe.

Vocabulary Training 101: der rote Faden (video)

Today I tied the room together with der rote Faden. Because Freitag = Wahnsinntag. Learning is fun!

C-section town?

I recently heard a Deutschie describe Aachen (lovely town) as the “Caesearian City”. Oh how I laughed (slash was grossed out). Of course he meant “Imperial City” (as in Kaiserstadt). Caesearian for us Englischers has somewhat of a different meaning…


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