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Discovering Neuseeland: German culture in NZ (video)

[wp_youtube]fiVSa9aJxmI[/wp_youtube] Join me as I report live from New Zealand, and uncover some pockets of German culture along the way.

False Friends Mark II: en Español

Looking to broaden your linguistic horizons? Try the faux amis thing in Spanish! – Typical Miss V overconfidence – I thought: “Spanish! Que facil!”. Then I got 42%. Shame.

The Sprudel Question

In between providing me with blankets and reading material and feeding me soggy vegetables in inidentifiable sauce, the lovely Lufthansa lady who looked after me for 10 hours sometime during the last 48 also offered me many a drink. Being a responsible air traveller, I stayed hydrated with lots of oxygen accompanied by 2 hydrogen […]


You’ll have to bear with me here, as I am about to undergo the 30+ hours’ travel that it takes to get to New Zealand. You see, I am paying a quick visit to family and friends on those little islands down there, and it just so happens that it is pretty much the EXACT […]

False friends (video)

[wp_youtube]qnsfS68Nq_o[/wp_youtube] My pop quiz on some common false friends/falsche Freunde/faux amis for people trying to learn Deutsch. I know I’ve slipped up on them, especially at 6.30am.

Txt ok & ‘wont hrt kids’

Remember when I looked into the increasing use of SMS language recently? Well, the plot thickens. A recent University of Toronto study says that using text slang will not hinder kids’ linguistic development, but rather presents an “expansive new linguistic renaissance”. Hmmm, I’m not so sure about that. While SMS abbreviations may not statistically harm […]

Further evidence of umlaut abuse!

I found this and just couldn’t resist. As I was flicking through an English cuisine magazine (WHAT! It’s hard to find English-language magazines here!), just look at what I found. Which LOLCAKAOPULIA will volunteer to write a firmly worded letter defending the umlaut?

Attention World Travellers!

I thought that since the readers of the blog seem to be worldy folk, that you all might like to test your knowledge of various countries’ names auf Deutsch. Achtung: it’s not as easy as it seems!

Johnny Cash spoke German!

Well, at least once he did, in around 1978. You see, that was the year he sang I Walk the Line in German, the lyrics of which go a little something like this: “Wer kennt den Weg, den Weg zurück?”. Which kind of misses the spirit of “Because you’re mine, I walk the line,” but […]

Simsen Me: Miss V textualises (video)

[wp_youtube]33IJErbKPaE[/wp_youtube] Miss V gets textual with a look at SMS abbreviations in German and French and what this means for languages in general.


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