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International Air Travel: a Deutschlisch Exposition (video)

[wp_youtube]99UTp6OYs8I[/wp_youtube] I’ve decided to treat you with double-video action, since ‘Black Sunday’ (aka the day we shall not mention. For those not in Europe, Spain won the UEFA 2008 Cup. Tear.) Since I’ve been travelling, I’ve noticed a couple of things. I thought I’d share them – Miss V-style! Enjoy this journey into the world […]

Fußball vs. fútbol… it’s on.

[wp_youtube]DTBDuxTCGr0[/wp_youtube] While I prepare the red, yellow and black face paints for Sunday, check out hamburg.de‘s coverage of the 2008 Fanfest in Hamburg’s very own Heiligengeistfeld. There was dancing, there was laughter, there were (almost) tears… check out the tense moment at 1:10. Go Deutschland!


I’ve just had word that the biggest (or only?) Polyglot Scrabble Tournament in the world is taking place this year in Spain. This is apparently the first event of its kind, where the world’s most cunning linguists can meet and defeat, playing Scrabble in many different languages. And they are promoting it so zealously that […]

Are you UEFA-Savvy?

All of Europe is abuzz with Euro 2008 fever. Being a novice when it comes to most things football (or soccer, as we Kiwis say), I wasn’t surprised to get a measly 64% on this soccer quiz. Whether it’s because of my extreme lack of football knowledge or sucky German, I can’t say. Can you […]

Sister Cities’ personals site: found!

Remember last week when I was joking about towns seeking partners on an online personals site? Well, it exists! And here’s the link! My favourite is Coventry, Rhode Island, which makes sure it doesn’t get lost amongst all the other Coventrys of the world with: “There are a number of Coventrys in the US. This […]

Miss V’s Top 5 list of Mega Cool things about Germany (video)

[wp_youtube]09JDf2Sm7Gw[/wp_youtube] I share my favourite five things about Deutschland with you, the lucky viewer. What are yours?

Cool kids learn Deutsch!

Feeling pretty pleased with myself for learning German right now… I was just reading that the Steinke institute in Bonn has come up with a fancy-schmancy formula to convert the Gross National Product of a country in 2025 into its power within the world, and therefore the importance of its language. And guess what? German […]

Who knew Hamburg and Auckland were related?

Doing a little research into German-New Zealand relations (the things I do for you!), I found out that Auckland, New Zealand boasts li’l ol’ Hamburg as one of its sister cities. In fact, Germany actually pioneered the concept of sister cities/twin towns/friendship towns. It’s kind of interesting to see each language’s slight twist on thisidea. […]

Macking on the Macken: Miss V, getagged

Some time ago I was ‘getagged’ by Missy Cola. She threw me a Stöckchen by virtue of which I must reveal to you, the reader, 6 (six) of my Macken. And I have a perfectly good reason why it has taken me 65 days to take up this challenge. Two, in fact! First, I wanted to give the game a Miss-V lingua-twist, and do it in both English and German. Two, I didn’t know what either Stöckchen or Macken meant (‘little stick’ – like one you would throw to a dog – and ‘pet peeve’/‘quirk’, respectively).

Here are the rules:

1. Provide a link to the person who threw you the stick. (Check!) (Setze einen Link zu der Person, welche Dir das Stöckchen zugeworfen hat.)

2. Outline the rules in your blog. (Check!) (Erwähne die dazugehörigen Regeln in Deinem Blog.)

3. Explain 6 unimportant things/habits/quirks. (Erzähle von Dir 6 unwichtige Dinge/Gewohnheiten/Macken.)

4. Pass the stick to 6 more people through a link at the end of your answer. (Gib das Stöckchen am Ende Deiner Antworten an 6 Leute durch Verlinkung weiter.)

5. Leave a comment on each chosen person’s blog/website letting them know they’ve been tagged. (Hinterlasse bei der jeder der gewählten Personen einen Kommentar in ihrem Blog/Website, dass sie “getagged” wurden.)

The new shorthand?

Okay, okay, I know I have done the SMS Thema almost to death, but hey, I’m on the other side of the world. What is anyone going to do about it? Phil (who you can find down in Austria, or over at Phil’s Blogging) recently unearthed the fact that using SMS-slang instead of full words […]


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