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Schwarzfahring for fun and profit?

  You all might remember me being a Schwarzfahrer (fare-dodger) earlier this year. Well, for true proof that crime doesn’t pay, look at the story of one 24-year old German man who played Schwarzfahrer for a five months, during which he was caught 102 times! You have to pretty much be wearing a sign that […]

Phonetics again: Imitation Brand Miss V!

Aeric Winter, the man who prompted my original Prefixated video, comes over all Miss V as he teaches how to phonetically pronounce his name: “Andreas”. A coup for every Andreas who is sick of having his name mispronounced!

Sprachgefühl: do you have it?

Someone recently mentioned to me that a key factor in becoming fluent in a foreign language is Sprachgefühl. Now this is one of these wonderful words that simply does not exist in English, but can be translated as a ‘feeling for the language’. If you’re immersed, e.g. living with, working with Germans/ French/Chinese/Japanese/ New Zealandese […]

Ich bin ein Superblog?


Days of Nations

Monday was Bastille day in France. So, if you watched the right television, or happened to be in Paris, you would have seen the most spectacular display of fireworks over the Champs-Élysées. In fact, Europe does a pretty good run in National Commemoration Days. The Tag der Deutschen Einheit (German Unity Day, October 3), the […]

Germany, land of the Future

Who needs the land of the free when you have the land of the efficient? Following on from the world’s first automated restaurant, did you know that Real has opened ‘The Future Store’? No, you don’t get to shop on hovercrafts or buy or your meal in convenient pill form (although they do have ‘Roger […]

Germy the German Germ!

[wp_youtube]8CBgUDsDu9A[/wp_youtube] Although I expected this video to be about learning German, I am happy to learn about how the body works from such a cute wee German Germ. Enjoy!

It’s my party and I’ll wein if I want to…

Hello out there in Verständnis World. I hope you’re all enjoying the rapid onset of my very first European summer. Well, today you have even more reason to celebrate, as it’s my birthday! While I’m not celebrating it in traditional NZ style – with fairy bread and cheerio sausages, and a game of pass-the-parcel, I’m […]


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