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Olympic thoughts

I watched television for the first time in a while the other day and noticed that, with a hiss and a roar and a dash of David Beckham, the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games had finished, just as quickly as they had begun.  This always seems to happen with the Olympics, don’t you think?  Four […]

Are you a polyglot with time to kill?

Bab.la hangman has got to be the coolest bored-at-work game for aspriring linguists I have ever seen!

Bis dann…

… not Auf Wiedersehen! Yes my friends, the Kiwi is on the road (hence the photo.) The time has come, as it does for most New Zealanders, for me to put on my backpack (slash pack all my clothes into two rather heavy suitcases) and see the world – or at least Europe. So just […]


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