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Aber nichtsdestotrotz, …

I knew it was too good to be true! Such a wonderful word that sounds very formal must have had a special history. And as a matter of fact, it has. The moment I saw it today, it became my personal favorite of a day (I’ve heard it many times before, but sometimes it’s only […]

The Secret Life of Mannequins

It’s almost weekend and I would like to share with you a funny thing I have come across recently. I’ve always found it a bit awkward to watch the mannequins ‘changing’ in the shop windows. H&M now found a brilliant and hilarious way to prevent the passers-by from staring – they covered the the shop […]

Learn French in France

Created in 1985 “Centre International d’Antibes” is nowadays the main premiere school for the teaching of French to foreigners. The school is located in Antibes, French Riviera (15 minutes from Nice and Cannes). During the year the school welcomes around 5000 students originating from throughout the world. The premises are exceptional, in a quiet environment […]

Shrove Tuesday or, Little Herring

Although I love Hamburg more than any other city in the world, at times I wish I was somewhere else instead. This time is now. It’s called… right, that’s the thing! It has so many names: Karneval, Fasching, Fastnacht… When I watch those serious, often elderly people going crazy on the streets I wish I […]

Those stupid (germanized) anglicisms!

I was watching a late night show on German TV the other night and the host was interviewing a famous German actor about his new projects. It was then that he used a verb greenlighten, or to be even more precise a beautiful German past tense form of the verb: gegreenlightet. I am a huge […]

Words of the year

I know it’s February already and speaking of rankings that sum up the year 2009 is a bit outdated but I’m still quite amazed at the choice of words made by the German young people. German “youth” word of the previous year is ‘hartzen’ which means ‘to hang around doing nothing (usually due to being […]


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