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When did Krieg der Sterne become Star Wars?

I’ve had this discussion a hundred times before but yesterday we were watching TV with my flatmate and we were getting annoyed by the TV commercials for films. Well, actually not the commercials themselves but the titles of the films or even more precisely their translations into German. Much has been said and written about […]

English, German, EuroEnglish??

Recently I’ve come across a funny article on a 5 year phase-in plan to simplify the English spelling in order to create the official language of the EU called “EuroEnglish”. What comes out of this ‘project’ in the end strongly reminds me of the speech delivered by European Commissioner for Energy Günther Oettinger from Germany. […]

Harder to learn than vocabulary: Passwords

Usually I write about all the fun caused by the German language. But one thing that is even harder to remember than all these crazy German vocabulary (words like Bannmeile or Nacktscanner!) are passwords. Don’t you have the same problem? Sitting in front of your computer, wanting to log into a website and you can’t […]

dasselbe oder das gleiche T-Shirt???

Ever wondered which is the correct one to use when? I think this simple example illustrates the use in a brilliant way. For a more detailed explanation, however, I suggest you read an article on Spiegel, I won’t be writing again with my own words what has already been written in an exhausting and yet […]


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