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How to become a German – der Einbürgerungstest

Yesterday I was watching ‚Der große deutsche Einbürgerungs-Test‘ on German TV, a show on the naturalisation test that applicants have to pass if they want to get the German citizenship. They had a couple of not German-born ‘Promis’ (celebs) as guests and the audience divided into 5 groups: teachers, students, civil servants, traditionalists and immigrants. […]

English and gymnastics of the mind

Learning English? Well, we all know that English is gymnastics of the mind and can be quite tricky. But, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. You cannot expect to learn a language by just waiting for the words and idioms to enter your mind and by opening a grammar book every now and then. […]

Volcanic ash everywhere!

If I was to choose a word I’ve heard most in the recent day it would definitely be volcanic ash… I’m just wondering if it should be the word of the day, week (the volcano cloud crisis is in its 5th day already), or month?? Glad that I haven’t planned any air travel for the […]

Hide & Seek

German is a language famous for its compounds. It’s true that you can combine the words (preferably many, many nouns) until you arrive at something as illegible and incomprehensible as Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän. What I’ve been fascinated by recently are compound words that hide ‘something special’ in them, this week I took words with body parts hidden […]

When did Krieg der Sterne become Star Wars? Part 2

Hope you all had a nice Easter weekend! I did and I even went to the cinema on Saturday to see the new “Alice in Wonderland”. Which brings me back on track to my film titles topic. Well, not Alice herself (this title has been translated neatly) but the cinema. Looking at the titles of […]


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