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When did Krieg der Sterne become Star Wars? Part 2

VaderHope you all had a nice Easter weekend! I did and I even went to the cinema on Saturday to see the new “Alice in Wonderland”. Which brings me back on track to my film titles topic. Well, not Alice herself (this title has been translated neatly) but the cinema.

Looking at the titles of films showing in German cinemas now or soon again I have to mention the kind of translation that I personally find most disturbing – ‘the mixture’! Examples include: “Blind Side – Die große Chance”, “Precious – Das Leben is kostbar” and “Gesetz der Straße – Brooklyn’s Finest”. As you can see both sides are represented: you can start by ‘quoting’ the original title and then add a ridiculous German ‘explanation’ or start with the German version but include the English original at the back in case someone prefers it this way. Translating titles is a very responsible and difficult task so why expose the whole process and render it quite pointless at the same time by making the original and the translation stand side by side.

Oh, and one more thing that drives me crazy: creating monstrous anglicised neologisms like “Der Kautions-Cop” (for “Bounty Hunter”). Why??


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  1. Ya, those movie titles are some kind of strange sometimes. I prefer watching films in English if I get the originals or if the DVDs contain the English audio tracks.

    Posted by André | April 7, 2010, 11:35 pm


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