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Cinematic Trauma

Allow me to be a little off topic today. This post will not be just about languages or cultural differences but more generally about the cinema experience. I went to see ‘Robin Hood’ last Friday and based on that experience I came up with a list on how to enjoy your cinema visit in Germany: […]

Bierkastenrennen & Vatertag – new German rites – Part 2

I mentioned a Bollerwagen last week; this funny vehicle plays a significant role on the so-called Father’s Day (sometimes also called Men Day). It’s so important because it’s used to transport beer and is therefore the best indication on how much alcohol the Germans (German men) drink this day (they need to transport the alcohol […]

Bierkastenrennen & Vatertag – new German rites – Part 1

It’s common knowledge that Germans really do love their beer. It’s so dear to them that there are even special holidays and festivals evolving around this topic. On Saturday I took part in the traditional, annual Bierkastenrennen (beer box race). It’s not a race commonly known to everyone but it is gaining more and more […]


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