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I love German word formation creativity! Urlaubsreif is another example from my log list of words that are somehow German-only i.e. usually cannot be translated into other languages with just one word. Urlaubsreif means in desperate need of a holiday and because I consider myself a person in such a state all the linguistic topics […]

Tmesis, or a (painful) separation

I learned a new word today and I want to share it with you: TMESIS. Tmesis (from Greek) is separation of two parts of a word that belong together. In German it’s common with prefixed verbs; the simple verb gets separated from the prefix: Ich lade dich ein. Er räumt den Tisch auf. Sie wacht […]

Realisieren oder bemerken?

My flatmate has asked me recently if I knew that the Germans tend to use the verb realisieren in a wrong way as he was told (off) by a friend who’s (allegedly) into language matters. He claimed that in German it only has the meaning of verwirklichen and the Germans also use it to convey […]

Public Viewing or Rudelgucken?

So, it happened, the Sommermärchen is over. It’s a pity but it’s high time I started writing about other stuff again and being among 4 best football teams in the world is (or at least should be) still a big thing for this young guys. My today’s topic is a kind of a bridge between […]


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