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I was inspired to write about today’s topic by a (very frequent recently) TV commercial of a German insurance company. Words versichern, verunsichern and Versicherung(en) come up quite often in it (what a surprise!) and that reminded me how tricky they can be. Take those three sentences for example: 1. Ich versichere dich gegen Diebstahl. […]

Our carbon world

Today’s post is inspired by stories I read and experiences I made myself with people who cannot properly use the cc: and bcc: functions when sending emails. However, I don’t really want to write about how irresponsible and embarrassing it is to send one email (usually promotional or with wishes) to DISCLOSED recipients. I’d rather […]

Technology = Technologie?

According to my Duden Calendar (under the Title Trends) it becomes more and more common for Germans to use Technologie as a translation for technology in context where it should be Technik, Methode or Verfahren. Langenscheidt German dictionary explains the term die Technologie as follows: 1. die Lehre, wie naturwissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse in der Produktion genutzt […]


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