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Westernklamauk & Mysterykrimiserie

There’s something very special about German TV guides. Every time I look up the TV program for the upcoming hours or days, I notice that under the title of every show or film there is an additional line explaining what kind of a show it is. So far so good, it’s not different in other […]

Otto Normalverbraucher

It’s a funny thing with the name you use for a standard, normal, average person in different countries. Looking at the article on this topic on German Wikipedia, you will notice that especially in English-speaking countries there is a wide range of these so-called placeholder names. Whereas in most countries it’s just one of the […]

Daily deal of the… week?

I’ve already complained a lot before about the way the Germans let the English words pollute their language but I’m still amazed all over again at some really not very well thought of instances of this phenomenon. I constantly come across funny and/or unnecessary translations and weird Germglish mixtures. My favorite recently: der Daily Deal […]


There are certain tricky and troublesome words that are a nightmare for all learners of a given language. I decided to dedicate a post to this topic from time to time if you don’t mind. Today’s word: mittels mit•tels preposition, + Genitive (or Dative), elevated/written language – by means of What I found particularly confusing […]

Dust bunnies… mice, cats, dogs!?

Somehow I can’t leave the topic of bunnies (well last week it was a rabbit) behind. Researching a bit on the topic of animal idioms, I came across the term dust bunny and found it quite amusing because it turns out that this word some ‘animal touch’ in many languages. In German for example they […]


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