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Winter surprised winter service employees…

…again! There’s a saying in Poland Winter surprised winter service employees and (un)funnily enough it comes to be true every year! This year’s calendar winter just started yesterday and yet it has caused so many problems all over Europe so far that it’s scary to even think about the months to come.  Lufthansa and other […]

Did you know?

From time to time I like to focus on one particular language issue in my post. It was this way with mittels and it’s gonna be like this today. Today’s issue: erachten für or erachten als? Well, actually it’s both… Both forms are correct. Examples: Jede zusätzliche Aktion auf interparlamentarischer Ebene erachten wir als überaus […]

Weltschmerz and other German “Schlagerexports”

Today I came across the word Weltschmerz in an English text and it made me think about other German words that immigrated into English and other languages. Some are pretty obvious and common, like kindergarten, poltergeist or doppelganger. Others are used mostly used in particular fields: gestalt in psychology, zeitgeist in sociology, weltschmerz in philosophy […]


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