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Bis dass das Geld euch scheidet

Just a little while after publishing my post on the difference between als and wie last week I was writing with my German friends and another very common mistake made by German native speakers caught my eye. Another one that I can hardly understand and I decided to devote my today’s post to it. As […]

Wie, als, als, wie? Wie…??

The confusion between these two tiny words: wie and als is one the most common mistakes made by German native speakers. And one of the greatest mysteries to me as the explanation when to use which is very straightforward and unambiguous. So much so that when I entered als and wie into google I immediately […]

Grammatical Structures, Tenses and other Musings while watching ‘Friends’

We were watching Friends with my friends yesterday. We always watch series on Thursday. Thursday is our sitcom day. We watch the in the English original with English subtitles because for one of my friends it’s also a weekly English class. It was him who asked us yesterday if we (also English non-native speakers) paid […]


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