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International Mother Language Day 2011

Today is International Mother Language Day and it made me think of my mother tongue, Polish. I’ve already written about how difficult this language is and why. Today I was thinking about possible reasons to learn Polish. I googled the phrase ‘why learn Polish’ and, among others, found an interesting article on ‘thousands of love-struck […]

From Ich hab Dich lieb to Ich liebe Dich!

Today is Valentine’s Day and although I’m not a big fan of this holiday I thought I could use it as an inspiration for today’s post. And fully ignoring Valentine’s Day in an article posted on February 14 didn’t seem quite all right either. So I was thinking how to connect language and love. It […]

erforderlich ≠ förderlich

Today’s topic is another pair of tricky German words. They seem so similar that many people assume they must be cognates. This similarity, however, is very misleading in this case. Just like the verbs (er)fordern and fördern, which have different meanings. erforderlich (adj.) means necessary, required, prerequisite etc. Have a look at the examples: Für […]


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