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On different approaches to learning foreign languages

What is your favourite method of learning foreign languages? And which approach is the best and fastest? I have been considering this issue recently because I want to work on my language skills a little bit again soon. The first question I really need to answer is to which language I want to polish (first). […]

Your vs You’re, It’s vs Its etc.

Inspired by a comment by The Honourable Husband (thank you!) under one of my January posts on mistakes often made by German natives and by a mistake I noticed on a blog of an English native, an English teacher too boot!, (I’d rather not link to it, why promote mistakes?) today, I decided to write […]

Royal Wedding Vocabulary – Fashion

Have you been following the British royal wedding recently? I have to admit I’m a big fan of the British monarchy and hence have been watching and reading a lot about the fairy-tale wedding of the century. Then I thought I might use my little mania for something good and write a post about it. […]


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