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German Compound Words – Correct Spelling

It’s often a very confusing issue: correct German spelling when it comes to compound words (and Germans do love their compounds!). This week we’ll have a look at some rules concerning words of foreign (mostly English) origin. 1. If a compound is made up of 2 nouns, the first word and all the noun parts […]

bestechlich ≠ bestechend

After devoting a lot of time recently to different language learning methods and approaches in the recent posts, I decided to go back to something more specific again today. Look at the German adjectives in the title of this post. They look suspiciously similar, don’t they? Beware, though! Consider following examples: Andreas Rickenbacher findet die […]

The pros of learning a language in a group

Last week I discussed the cons of learning a language in a group, already mentioning some pro arguments (it’s really difficult to keep these apart). The main advantage of this method: interaction and fun! I remember that the fun I had with the people from the group I learned with highly influenced my willingness to […]

The cons of learning a language in a group (pros yet to come)

There are certainly many different types of groups in which you can learn foreign languages. Most of them, however, share the same features. You can learn in a language school in your country or go abroad for an organized summer language course; you can meet once a week or have daily meetings and so on, […]


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