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Frohe Stunde

Yesterday, I was walking in the October sun miraculously blessing Hamburg with its autumn presence this year, when I noticed the board from the picture outside one of the coffee/cocktail bars.

I am a real fan of the German language and find it annoying how it seems to “swallow” all kinds of unnecessary English rubbish so I was pleased to see the nice, local expression Frohe Stunde, instead of the much more common in Germany happy hour. One could say, I felt quite froh indeed, without even having one of the “happy cocktails”.

Speaking of the cocktails, however, they kind of spoilt the first impression I got from looking at the board. What’s the point of making the effort of finding a suitable German equivalent for happy hour when we leave everything else (here: cocktail names) in English? This creates a clash of some sort.
Nevertheless, this little local bar made my day linguistically and I’m glad they translated at least one part of their menu.


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  1. Agree, it is a common problem in “localization”, that things are only half translated and therefore much more mixed than localized..

    Posted by Monika Csapo | November 1, 2011, 10:21 pm


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