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Kartoffeln al dente von Angelo Colagrossi

Ich hoffe, es macht euch nichts aus, dass heutiger Eintrag auf Deutsch geschrieben wird. Der Eintrag wird von einem Buch erzählen, in dem ein Italiener nach Deutschland kommt und ich habe mir gedacht, dazu noch eine Sprache hineinzumischen wäre ein bisschen zu viel (oder „too much“, wie der moderne Deutsche sagen würde). Das Buch heißt […]

On different approaches to learning foreign languages

What is your favourite method of learning foreign languages? And which approach is the best and fastest? I have been considering this issue recently because I want to work on my language skills a little bit again soon. The first question I really need to answer is to which language I want to polish (first). […]

Are you a polyglot with time to kill?

Bab.la hangman has got to be the coolest bored-at-work game for aspriring linguists I have ever seen!

Are you UEFA-Savvy?

All of Europe is abuzz with Euro 2008 fever. Being a novice when it comes to most things football (or soccer, as we Kiwis say), I wasn’t surprised to get a measly 64% on this soccer quiz. Whether it’s because of my extreme lack of football knowledge or sucky German, I can’t say. Can you […]

False Friends Mark II: en Español

Looking to broaden your linguistic horizons? Try the faux amis thing in Spanish! – Typical Miss V overconfidence – I thought: “Spanish! Que facil!”. Then I got 42%. Shame.

Attention World Travellers!

I thought that since the readers of the blog seem to be worldy folk, that you all might like to test your knowledge of various countries’ names auf Deutsch. Achtung: it’s not as easy as it seems!

Get some Irish in you!

St. Patrick’s day is coming up, and I was surprised to learn that this O most holy of days is not celebrated (widely) in Germany. So, Deutschies and Ausländer alike, brush up on the Eire with this nifty quiz (which must have been written by someone super cool).

And speaking of acronyms…

Bist du Silvester-Experte?

I guess anyone who had done a little background reading on New Year’s Eve might just ace the test. Maybe.


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