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The death of the umlaut? (video)

[wp_youtube]iLXHHEojhVs[/wp_youtube] Jööööö, my musing on the plight of the umlaut. Including proposing a campaign to make umlauted letters part of the alphabet proper! The group can be called LOLCAKAOPULIA (League of the Linguistically Concerned, Also Known As the Organisation for the Promotion of the Advancement of the Umlauted Letters In the Alphabet). I think it’s […]

Ja, genau. (video)

Miss V adheres to the German ‘Genauigkeit’ (preciseness) by measuring the EXACT distance from her office to the U-Bahn.

The Schwarzfahrer (video)

Miss V gets rebellious on it by doing the Fahr-ing that is schwarz. Kids: don’t try this at home.

Vocabulary Training 101: der rote Faden (video)

Today I tied the room together with der rote Faden. Because Freitag = Wahnsinntag. Learning is fun!


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