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Frohe Stunde

Yesterday, I was walking in the October sun miraculously blessing Hamburg with its autumn presence this year, when I noticed the board from the picture outside one of the coffee/cocktail bars. I am a real fan of the German language and find it annoying how it seems to “swallow” all kinds of unnecessary English rubbish […]

Little Easter cheat-sheet

Time flies and it’s almost Easter time again! The time between Christmas and Easter passed really quickly for me this time even though Easter is so late this year. I always find it quite confusing how all the days of Holy Week because they have different names in various languages and I always tend to […]

Grammatical Structures, Tenses and other Musings while watching ‘Friends’

We were watching Friends with my friends yesterday. We always watch series on Thursday. Thursday is our sitcom day. We watch the in the English original with English subtitles because for one of my friends it’s also a weekly English class. It was him who asked us yesterday if we (also English non-native speakers) paid […]

Winter surprised winter service employees…

…again! There’s a saying in Poland Winter surprised winter service employees and (un)funnily enough it comes to be true every year! This year’s calendar winter just started yesterday and yet it has caused so many problems all over Europe so far that it’s scary to even think about the months to come.  Lufthansa and other […]

Westernklamauk & Mysterykrimiserie

There’s something very special about German TV guides. Every time I look up the TV program for the upcoming hours or days, I notice that under the title of every show or film there is an additional line explaining what kind of a show it is. So far so good, it’s not different in other […]

Le Tête en Friche – My Afternoons with Marguerite or rather My Afternoons with Margueritte!

Le Tête en Friche is a French film directed by Jean Becker and with Gérard Depardieu and Gisèle Casadesus. It’s FilmFest time here in Hamburg, you know, so I’ve been spending quite a lot of time in cinemas recently. That’s why please excuse me another off-topic but I really wanted to share my delight with […]

Warum ist Polnisch bloß so schwer?

Heute würde ich gerne etwas über meine Muttersprache – Polnisch – erzählen. Jeder, der es jemals versucht hat, diese Sprache zu lernen, weiß, wie schwer sie ist. Ich sage immer wieder, dass ich froh bin, dass ich die Sprache spreche ohne sie als Fremdsprache lernen zu müssen. Es wird im Polnischen fast alles dekliniert und […]

Technology = Technologie?

According to my Duden Calendar (under the Title Trends) it becomes more and more common for Germans to use Technologie as a translation for technology in context where it should be Technik, Methode or Verfahren. Langenscheidt German dictionary explains the term die Technologie as follows: 1. die Lehre, wie naturwissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse in der Produktion genutzt […]


I love German word formation creativity! Urlaubsreif is another example from my log list of words that are somehow German-only i.e. usually cannot be translated into other languages with just one word. Urlaubsreif means in desperate need of a holiday and because I consider myself a person in such a state all the linguistic topics […]

Public Viewing or Rudelgucken?

So, it happened, the Sommermärchen is over. It’s a pity but it’s high time I started writing about other stuff again and being among 4 best football teams in the world is (or at least should be) still a big thing for this young guys. My today’s topic is a kind of a bridge between […]


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