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Frohe Stunde

Yesterday, I was walking in the October sun miraculously blessing Hamburg with its autumn presence this year, when I noticed the board from the picture outside one of the coffee/cocktail bars. I am a real fan of the German language and find it annoying how it seems to “swallow” all kinds of unnecessary English rubbish […]

Winter surprised winter service employees…

…again! There’s a saying in Poland Winter surprised winter service employees and (un)funnily enough it comes to be true every year! This year’s calendar winter just started yesterday and yet it has caused so many problems all over Europe so far that it’s scary to even think about the months to come.  Lufthansa and other […]

Le Tête en Friche – My Afternoons with Marguerite or rather My Afternoons with Margueritte!

Le Tête en Friche is a French film directed by Jean Becker and with Gérard Depardieu and Gisèle Casadesus. It’s FilmFest time here in Hamburg, you know, so I’ve been spending quite a lot of time in cinemas recently. That’s why please excuse me another off-topic but I really wanted to share my delight with […]

Warum ist Polnisch bloß so schwer?

Heute würde ich gerne etwas über meine Muttersprache – Polnisch – erzählen. Jeder, der es jemals versucht hat, diese Sprache zu lernen, weiß, wie schwer sie ist. Ich sage immer wieder, dass ich froh bin, dass ich die Sprache spreche ohne sie als Fremdsprache lernen zu müssen. Es wird im Polnischen fast alles dekliniert und […]


I love German word formation creativity! Urlaubsreif is another example from my log list of words that are somehow German-only i.e. usually cannot be translated into other languages with just one word. Urlaubsreif means in desperate need of a holiday and because I consider myself a person in such a state all the linguistic topics […]

Public Viewing or Rudelgucken?

So, it happened, the Sommermärchen is over. It’s a pity but it’s high time I started writing about other stuff again and being among 4 best football teams in the world is (or at least should be) still a big thing for this young guys. My today’s topic is a kind of a bridge between […]

Sommermärchen 2010

I just can’t leave it. Simply can’t stray far from the football topic, I hope you can forgive that. It’s just this football fever! I’m infected, I guess. But today I want to tell you about something that actually falls neatly into the out of home/cultural category. I went to see the game Germany vs. […]

The Ball Keeps Rolling

Nothing is going as planned so far… in this World Cup! Well, almost nothing at least. Argentina seems to be doing fine under the loving care of the grand (but not tall) Diego Maradona but most of the other favorites disappoint bitterly. What is going on with the French? It was probably the worst World […]

Cinematic Trauma

Allow me to be a little off topic today. This post will not be just about languages or cultural differences but more generally about the cinema experience. I went to see ‘Robin Hood’ last Friday and based on that experience I came up with a list on how to enjoy your cinema visit in Germany: […]

Bierkastenrennen & Vatertag – new German rites – Part 2

I mentioned a Bollerwagen last week; this funny vehicle plays a significant role on the so-called Father’s Day (sometimes also called Men Day). It’s so important because it’s used to transport beer and is therefore the best indication on how much alcohol the Germans (German men) drink this day (they need to transport the alcohol […]


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