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Grammatical Structures, Tenses and other Musings while watching ‘Friends’

We were watching Friends with my friends yesterday. We always watch series on Thursday. Thursday is our sitcom day. We watch the in the English original with English subtitles because for one of my friends it’s also a weekly English class. It was him who asked us yesterday if we (also English non-native speakers) paid […]

Technology = Technologie?

According to my Duden Calendar (under the Title Trends) it becomes more and more common for Germans to use Technologie as a translation for technology in context where it should be Technik, Methode or Verfahren. Langenscheidt German dictionary explains the term die Technologie as follows: 1. die Lehre, wie naturwissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse in der Produktion genutzt […]

Germany, land of the Future

Who needs the land of the free when you have the land of the efficient? Following on from the world’s first automated restaurant, did you know that Real has opened ‘The Future Store’? No, you don’t get to shop on hovercrafts or buy or your meal in convenient pill form (although they do have ‘Roger […]

Attention World Travellers!

I thought that since the readers of the blog seem to be worldy folk, that you all might like to test your knowledge of various countries’ names auf Deutsch. Achtung: it’s not as easy as it seems!

Only in Deutschland!

Although my interest is usually sparked by matters of a linguistic nature, my first thought when I discovered the world’s first automated restaurant was: “That is, like, SO totally German!” No waiters, no bad service, no need to tip. You order your food from a computer and it is delivered to you via a complex […]

Bin sitt

Those of you who speak or are learning German may be familiar with the word satt as in ‘Ich bin satt’, meaning “I’m full as a bull/stuffed/about to pop”. A word you may not be familiar with is sitt, which is satt‘s liquid equivalent, meaning one’s thirst has been quenched. Makes sense to me! Hungrig […]

Lego block building

So I put in my two cents (or gave my mustard, as the Deutschies say) about German as a modular language. But that was about verbs. Mmm, yes. Nouns (of the compound variety), in German, are a completely different (and somewhat maligned – by Englischers at least) phenomenon. Mark Twain wrote an essay called “The […]

In celebration of the ‘chen’

Ahhhh, ze Cherman language. What CAN’T it do? Today I was thinking (as you do) about our friendly little suffix, the ‘chen’. Another quirk of Deutsch which allows the speaker to efficiently (who would have guessed!) express the smallness or cuteness of something. The chen has given us gifts such as Brötchen (bread roll – […]

Acronymical (video)

[wp_youtube]l7aP_CXPCMs[/wp_youtube]     Miss V, in a follow-up to her prefixation, muses on the lack of convenient acronyms in the German language.

Schuldi (abbrev.)

Abbreviations make life so much easier. I mean, why bicycle around when you can bike? Why go to the trouble of saying celluar phone when you can just use your cell? My good friend Herr Versteh-a-lot (who, like myself, is Deutschily challenged) has introduced me to the “abbrev.” (of course you have to abbreviate ‘abbreviation’!) […]


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