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From Ich hab Dich lieb to Ich liebe Dich!

Today is Valentine’s Day and although I’m not a big fan of this holiday I thought I could use it as an inspiration for today’s post. And fully ignoring Valentine’s Day in an article posted on February 14 didn’t seem quite all right either. So I was thinking how to connect language and love. It […]

Did you know?

From time to time I like to focus on one particular language issue in my post. It was this way with mittels and it’s gonna be like this today. Today’s issue: erachten für or erachten als? Well, actually it’s both… Both forms are correct. Examples: Jede zusätzliche Aktion auf interparlamentarischer Ebene erachten wir als überaus […]

All Rabbit’s Friends and Relations

A recent conversation with my flatmate inspired to write today’s post. He was then just about to start a new course at the university and I was asking if he was looking forward to meeting new people. However, I used the word Kollegen and was immediately corrected: your co-students are Kommilitonen (fellow students), not Kollegen […]


I was inspired to write about today’s topic by a (very frequent recently) TV commercial of a German insurance company. Words versichern, verunsichern and Versicherung(en) come up quite often in it (what a surprise!) and that reminded me how tricky they can be. Take those three sentences for example: 1. Ich versichere dich gegen Diebstahl. […]

Phonetics again: Imitation Brand Miss V!

Aeric Winter, the man who prompted my original Prefixated video, comes over all Miss V as he teaches how to phonetically pronounce his name: “Andreas”. A coup for every Andreas who is sick of having his name mispronounced!

Fun with Phonetic Pronunication (video)

[wp_youtube]fuYK2_6mruk[/wp_youtube] I teach how to (badly?) pronounce a German sentence: Ich habe mein eigenes Rad. (I have my own bike.) The pronunciation might not be perfect, but you’ll be understood – which I think is the most important part!

New Zealand accent explained (video)

[wp_youtube]cr1TUE1doJ8[/wp_youtube] I explain once and for all the mysteries of that odd sound coming from the mouths of Kiwis. **due to technical difficulties, this video from last week could only just be posted now. Enjoy the belated goodness!**

Miss V meets the Zungenbrecher (video)

[wp_youtube]HJSvVN5Qw8U[/wp_youtube] Laugh at rather than with, as Miss V samples a splash of German tongue twisters (Zungenbrecher). The Zungenbrecher are as follows: Fischers Fritze fischt frische Fische; Frische Fische fischt Fischers Fritze. Der Dachdecker deckt dein Dach, drum dank dem Dachdecker, der dein Dach deckt. Am Zehnten Zehnten um zehn Uhr zehn zogen zehn zahme […]

Acronymical (video)

[wp_youtube]l7aP_CXPCMs[/wp_youtube]     Miss V, in a follow-up to her prefixation, muses on the lack of convenient acronyms in the German language.

Schuldi (abbrev.)

Abbreviations make life so much easier. I mean, why bicycle around when you can bike? Why go to the trouble of saying celluar phone when you can just use your cell? My good friend Herr Versteh-a-lot (who, like myself, is Deutschily challenged) has introduced me to the “abbrev.” (of course you have to abbreviate ‘abbreviation’!) […]


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