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German Compound Words – Correct Spelling

It’s often a very confusing issue: correct German spelling when it comes to compound words (and Germans do love their compounds!). This week we’ll have a look at some rules concerning words of foreign (mostly English) origin. 1. If a compound is made up of 2 nouns, the first word and all the noun parts […]

Harder to learn than vocabulary: Passwords

Usually I write about all the fun caused by the German language. But one thing that is even harder to remember than all these crazy German vocabulary (words like Bannmeile or Nacktscanner!) are passwords. Don’t you have the same problem? Sitting in front of your computer, wanting to log into a website and you can’t […]

Aber nichtsdestotrotz, …

I knew it was too good to be true! Such a wonderful word that sounds very formal must have had a special history. And as a matter of fact, it has. The moment I saw it today, it became my personal favorite of a day (I’ve heard it many times before, but sometimes it’s only […]


I’ve just had word that the biggest (or only?) Polyglot Scrabble Tournament in the world is taking place this year in Spain. This is apparently the first event of its kind, where the world’s most cunning linguists can meet and defeat, playing Scrabble in many different languages. And they are promoting it so zealously that […]

Miss V’s Top 5 list of Mega Cool things about Germany (video)

[wp_youtube]09JDf2Sm7Gw[/wp_youtube] I share my favourite five things about Deutschland with you, the lucky viewer. What are yours?

The new shorthand?

Okay, okay, I know I have done the SMS Thema almost to death, but hey, I’m on the other side of the world. What is anyone going to do about it? Phil (who you can find down in Austria, or over at Phil’s Blogging) recently unearthed the fact that using SMS-slang instead of full words […]


Verbs, as the ‘doing words’ of any language, are always the more fun than boring old nouns. Englischers ‘verb’ (or, as I like to say, ‘verbify’) nouns all the time, especially in slang. For example: if the police use a taser gun on someone, that person was ‘tasered’ (or ‘tased’ – as in “Don’t tase […]

When good Deutschlisch goes bad

Sometimes, I am glad that Deutschlisch exists. This is because I get to use the convenient and practical German phraseology (cool word, huh?), all from the comfort of speaking English. So I often ask if there is an ATM “in the near from here” (in der Nähe von), or if friends want to ‘make a […]


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