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Phonetics again: Imitation Brand Miss V!

Aeric Winter, the man who prompted my original Prefixated video, comes over all Miss V as he teaches how to phonetically pronounce his name: “Andreas”. A coup for every Andreas who is sick of having his name mispronounced!

Germy the German Germ!

[wp_youtube]8CBgUDsDu9A[/wp_youtube] Although I expected this video to be about learning German, I am happy to learn about how the body works from such a cute wee German Germ. Enjoy!

International Air Travel: a Deutschlisch Exposition (video)

[wp_youtube]99UTp6OYs8I[/wp_youtube] I’ve decided to treat you with double-video action, since ‘Black Sunday’ (aka the day we shall not mention. For those not in Europe, Spain won the UEFA 2008 Cup. Tear.) Since I’ve been travelling, I’ve noticed a couple of things. I thought I’d share them – Miss V-style! Enjoy this journey into the world […]

Fußball vs. fútbol… it’s on.

[wp_youtube]DTBDuxTCGr0[/wp_youtube] While I prepare the red, yellow and black face paints for Sunday, check out hamburg.de‘s coverage of the 2008 Fanfest in Hamburg’s very own Heiligengeistfeld. There was dancing, there was laughter, there were (almost) tears… check out the tense moment at 1:10. Go Deutschland!

False friends (video)

[wp_youtube]qnsfS68Nq_o[/wp_youtube] My pop quiz on some common false friends/falsche Freunde/faux amis for people trying to learn Deutsch. I know I’ve slipped up on them, especially at 6.30am.

Simsen Me: Miss V textualises (video)

[wp_youtube]33IJErbKPaE[/wp_youtube] Miss V gets textual with a look at SMS abbreviations in German and French and what this means for languages in general.

Fun with Phonetic Pronunication (video)

[wp_youtube]fuYK2_6mruk[/wp_youtube] I teach how to (badly?) pronounce a German sentence: Ich habe mein eigenes Rad. (I have my own bike.) The pronunciation might not be perfect, but you’ll be understood – which I think is the most important part!

A century of subscribers! (video)

[wp_youtube]j6Q7FscKB0w[/wp_youtube] I pay tribute to my hundred (now 119 !) YouTube subscribers with some poetic musings, German-style.

Post-it notes make language learning fun! (video)

[wp_youtube]ajRtFGDOc9U[/wp_youtube] Miss V takes post-it notes as a vocabulary-learning aid to the next level. Who knew you could have so much Spass with stationery?

German Pick-up Lines (Anmachsprüche video)

[wp_youtube]xlrL52-HzVg[/wp_youtube] I come on to German finger puppets with these slick pick-up lines. P.S. Frohe Ostern!


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